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Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta
Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta


Dining Offers

Are you a food lover? Then you are just in luck because Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta always has ongoing dining offers for foodies out there. With different choices of delicious dishes, you’ll be sure to leave Yogyakarta with your taste buds satisfied, thanks to our mouth-watering menu that is specially concocted by our chefs. Best part? We give you high-quality dishes at the most affordable prices.Don’t forget to take a look at our other current promotions as well such as meeting packages, beverages and rooms. For Reservations, please contact us here

Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta

Buffalo Wings

Satisfy your cravings with our tantalizing Buffalo Wings!
Crispy fried chicken wings drenched in a perfect blend of mayo,
garlic, and chili sauce, paired with crisp lettuce and served alongside
savory nachos. Flavor-packed perfection that’ll leave you craving for more!

Price only at IDR 45k nett/pax


Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta

Khasmir Short Lamb

Savor the exotic flavors of our Khasmir Short Rib, a culinary masterpiece
featuring short ribs, fragrant basmati rice, and a symphony of spices,
all delicately crowned with plump raisins. A feast fit for royalty!

Available only 95k nett/portion.!


Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta


Dive into the depths of flavor with our Marineford beverage special!
A perfect blend of draft beer, tequila, grenadine, and orange juice,
accompanied by crispy fish fingers and cassava crackers.
Cheers to a tasty voyage that’s as bold as the high seas!

Available only 85k nett/portion.!


Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta

Bikini Bottom

Sip on the tropical fusion of pineapple with red or blueberry soda,
cooled with fresh mint leaves, and topped off with a tantalizing apple garnish.
Taste the beachside bliss in every sip!

Red Mermaid : IDR 35K net/glass

Blue Ocean : IDR 35K net/glass


Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta

Romantic Dinner

Spend the most romantic moment on the best rooftop in Yogyakarta. Arrange a special event with your loved one at Satoria Rooftop Vue Bar. Our passionate team will take care of your special events, engagement, anniversary, and even birthdays with great details. A Romantic Dinner arrangement is available at IDR 500,000 net/couple.

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Satoria Hotel Yogyakarta

Traditional Weekend BBQ “TALI ROSO”

Enjoy the weekend with an ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ dinner featuring Special Live Cooking and Live Acoustic Music.

Ready for every Saturday nite start from 85K/pax at Vue Bar Kitchen & Lounge Roof Top 9th Floor.